About A Temporal Shift

'Uncle Art' is the moniker that used to just be Dave Lowe, a musician and programmer composing and converting computer game music in the 80s and 90s for various platforms and for over 70 game titles. These days he is joined by his daughter Holly Jazz Lowe and the two of them work together as musicians, composers and producers. When Holly noticed how much love there is on the internet for the retrogaming days, she wondered whether there might be enough interest in them remaking her dad's original gaming music. One of Dave's most famous pieces of gaming music was for Frontier: Elite 2 with John Williams  / Jerry Goldsmith esque thundering classical themes. What would this sound like with a real orchestra as it was originally imagined for, instead of the plucky but limited little Amiga PAULA chip?! 

They crowdfunded the project on Kickstarter to see if there was enough interest and raised over £35,000 to make the album. This album would be called 'A Temporal Shift' containing re-recorded, re-interpreted and re-arranged fresh new studio recordings of Dave's best loved gaming compositions. These recordings are contemporary and exciting, a fusion of electronic music, samples and real and very accomplished musicians ship and use of live instruments. The album also includes Dave's two Frontier themes recorded by a 50 piece orchestra (the Chamber Orchestra Of London) at Abbey Road studios!

Dave Lowe and Holly Jazz Lowe